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A feasible way to learn the word feasible


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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – writing F easily able to be carried out


Word – Feasible



a) easily able to be carried out

b) practical, possible to do


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – attainable, achievable, no sweat, viable


Antonyms – unlikely, inconceivable, difficult, unfeasible


Feasible sentences

1   If you keep going for the feasible options all your life, you may never challenge yourself and realize your potential. (as an advice)

2   The idea is great and looks feasible but as an experienced businessman I will tell you that nothing is as simple as it seems.

3   In times of an economic slowdown the feasible option to reduce unwanted consumption does not appeal to the greed of people. (used in an economical perspective)


Feasibility sentences

1   We need to conduct a feasibility study of your ambitious project before we loan you any money.

2   I do not understand the political feasibility of a high defense budget during economic slowdown.

3   A feasibility test of your idea will give you more perspective about it.


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