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Mnemonic - East and west Germany were closely or significantly related


Word - Germane


a) closely or significantly related
b) relevant


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - akin, appropriate, on the button, fitting


Antonyms - unsuitable, inappropriate, unseemly


Germane sentences

1   There has always been a germane relationship between power and exploitation.

2   It is widely believed that hard work and belief in one's ability are germane to success.

3   He quickly got down to solve the problem looking for familiar germane patterns.

4   We talk of the present, your future plans are not germane to our discussion.

5   The leaders of the two countries will meet today to discuss nuclear cooperation and other germane issues.

6  Custody of the child, alimony, parenting time are a few germane issues faced by a divorced couple.



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