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Mnemonic - Jack is dead tired and lacking enthusiasm


Word - Jaded



a) tired and lacking enthusiasm

b) bored and worn out (esp. after having too much of something)


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - exhausted, weary, dulled


Antonyms - enthusiastic, fresh, raring to go


Jaded sentences

1   After travelling for three months on tour the singer looked jaded in her last performance.

2   In a world jaded of imperial rule and inequality, leaders like Gandhi were a ray of hope and inspiration.

3   Do not get so jaded from dating the wrong kind that you do not have any excitement left anyone special.

4   After appearing in a five part film he was so jaded that he decided to take a break from acting and went on a long holiday.

5   He had swam for hours and now lay on the shore jaded to the bone.

6   The journalist was tired of his own pointless stories but he knew that the jaded public only cared for amusement.



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