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A mothers anger and a word to remember


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Mnemonic –A boy bashed by his mother in-front of everyone feels embarrassed


Word – Abash



a)  embarrass

b)  cause to feel ashamed


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – embarrass, mortify, shame


Antonyms – make clear, enlighten, clarify


Abash sentences

1   You may abash your child in-front of a group, in the hope of making him correct his mistake but most psychologists will advise you against it.

2   Do not abash yourself in the eyes of the Almighty by easily giving in to your vices.

3   How can I trust you when you are so happy to abash my parents in-front of your friends?


Abashed sentences

1   The scientist was abashed at the convention when he failed at his experiment.

2   The media should be abashed at selling people’s personnel lives and gossips without showing any discretion.

3   He was abashed when his mother caught him looking at pornography.


Abashment sentence

1   A woman posing for the art school students had gotten rid of the abashment of being nude.

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