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Mnemonic – Capricorn’s various moods


Word – Capricious



a) given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior

b) unpredictable


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – changeable, erratic, chameleonic, whimsical


Antonyms – constant, steady


Capricious Sentences

1   He is having trouble adapting to the various moods of his capricious lover.

2   The capricious weather in England was playing spoilsport at Wimbledon.

3   My wife is a capricious woman and I’m not sure how will she react to this unexpected news.

4   Such is the capricious nature of fate that a prince may be a pauper one day or vice-versa.

5   Was it his capricious behavior that was affecting his relationships since women could only guess what he wanted?

6   The old sailor was acquainted with the capricious ways of the sea and his advice could not be taken lightly.


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