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Mnemonic - Burn polish


Word - Burnish


a) polish
b) to make smooth by rubbing


Part of speech - Verb


Synonyms - buff, gloss, furbish


Antonyms - tarnish, dull


Burnish Sentences

1   Wipe the metal surface clean before you burnish it with the oil cream.

2   We live in such times where leaders of the people hire professionals to burnish their public image.


Burnished Sentences

1   Seven blockbuster hits have burnished Will Smith's reputation as a massive crowd puller.

2   The Kings Guard formed in single ranks on either side, clad in burnished armour. (extract from Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain)


Burnishing Sentence

1   He sat there by the fire burnishing his sword and thinking of the great battle that lay ahead.



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