Why Did I Get Married?

  People are different. But there are certain things that everyone across the world does. Mostly these are things are necessary for you to live, like eating, going to the shit house and taking care of your health by brushing, taking a... Read more

Auto Prix

I am sure if Fernando Alonso ever came to Manipal he would drown himself at Malpe. No, not because of the food! The reason would be self doubt which would creep in when he would observe the skilled autowallas of Manipal speed through its... Read more

As Busy As A Bee

  All parents of the 80s and 90s wanted their child to become a doctor or an engineer. Since you are inclined to learn something if you opt for medical sciences most people decided to take the latter option. As a result every second... Read more

Queen Of The Road

Rahul Dravid once said in an interview that if he tried to play like Sachin Tendulkar then he would be making a fool of himself. If only dogs paid attention to news rather than waiting for the cooking shows and Scooby Doo then they could... Read more

Brand It Up

  Everyone was puzzled when Chiathon refused to play football in the lunch break. After some speculation one of my classmates came up with a possible reason. It was probably because Chiathon had brought new Reebok shoes and he didn’t... Read more

What’s In A Name?

  Nowadays everyone believes that their son is going to be The One. No I don’t mean Jet Li, I mean Jackie Chan, at least. So it is only natural that parents do quite a bit of thinking before selecting a name for their child. After all if... Read more