The CPU cache | cache memory

  C.P.U. (Central Processing Unit) cache which is often called cache memory is an area of computer memory devoted to the high-speed retrieval of frequently used or requested data. The cache is a smaller and faster memory which stores... Read more

Acker Bilk – the clarinetist

  Acker Bilk is a well-known clarinetist from England. Bilk was part of the boom in traditional jazz that swept the United Kingdom in the late 1950s. He formed The Paramount Jazz Band in 1956. In 1960 their single ‘Summer Set’... Read more

The Tongue Map Myth

  Myth: There are different sections of the tongue that sense different tastes. Fact: Every part of the tongue includes receptors for every basic taste.     The origin of the concept of tongue map dates back to 1901 when a... Read more