Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates | Tech Rivalry of the Highest Order

Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates Featured

Born in the year 1955, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will be counted among the pioneers of the personnel computer and information technology revolutions in human history. In careers overlapping over 30 years and as business leaders of rival companies, Gates and Jobs never quite got along but calling them enemies would be an … Read more

Tea Versus Coffee

Pros and cons of tea and coffee

Introducing Tea Introducing Coffee Origins – Around 10th Century BC or 1000 BC in China Main Production Areas – China, India, South East Asia Popularity – After water tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Caffeine Content – 30 – 90 mg in 250ml Origins – Around 15th Century AD or 1500 AD … Read more

Difference between synonyms of Different

difference bettween similar words

  Difference between synonyms of Different different vs diverse vs divergent vs distinct vs dissimilar vs disparate   Different is opposite of alike and thus it applies to things that are not alike. It stresses on individuality. Ex – The crime was witnessed by five different people. Diverse indicates an easily seen difference between the things being referred … Read more

Words denoting deficiency or non-existence, absence, dearth, lack, scarcity and shortage.

difference bettween similar words

  Dearth is closer in meaning to lack and scarcity. These words can mean total or partial insufficiency. Usually an adjective is used with them to express total deficiency. Ex – You display a complete lack of manners. Absence is opposite of presence and thus it always means complete lack. Ex – There is absence of bread in this store. … Read more

Difference between Complex, Complicated, Convoluted and Intricate

difference bettween similar words

  These adjectives refer to something having interconnected parts which make the whole thing difficult to follow. Complex suggests a combination of many associated parts. Ex – They had made such a complex system that it was difficult to submit a simple form. Commonly used with system, structure, mixture, relationship, issue Complicated stresses elaborate relationship between the parts. … Read more