Febrile Meaning | Febrile Mnemonic


Febrile Synonym: feverish

Febrile Sentence: I have been feeling febrile since I got wet in the rain in the evening.



Under The Lens: Febrile Seizure

Febrile seizure or fever fit is a condition in which the temperature of the body rises significantly and suddenly, leading to rapid contraction and relaxation of body muscles thus causing uncontrollable shaking. Febrile seizure is most commonly known to occur to children in the age group of six months to six years.

A simple febrile seizure lasts for less than 15 minutes, doesn’t recur for in 24 hours and involves the entire body. A complex one lasts longer and is characterized by recurrence and focus on certain part of the body. A child who suffers from complex febrile seizure is likely to have seizures later on in life.

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