Learn The Map of Asia


It is difficult to memorize maps because the shapes of countries and continents are vague and hence easily forgotten. Imagine if the map of Asia was shaped like a giant and the countries were its body, legs etc. Wouldn’t it be easier to remember it then? Well that is exactly what we have done. To help you memorize the map of Asia, we have transformed it into a giant called Rusty.

Learn the Map of Asia


Well let me tell you a few things about Rusty. He loves to eat horses. So in the illustration, Rusty is cooking a horse in a vessel. It is inverted as it wouldn’t fit in the vessel otherwise. Horse is a weird animal to eat! When we asked him why he loved eating horses, he started singing “It’s My Life.” Anyways, the inverted horse will help you in memorizing the countries in The Middle East.

Rusty is holding a Kazak spoon in his hand with which he is stirring the horse in the vessel. Don’t worry no animals were harmed while making this illustration. The Kazak spoon helps you in locating Kazakhstan on the map.

Learn the Map of Asia

Rusty lost one of his legs while fighting with the South American monster, which is a croc. Must have eaten his leg I guess! Anyways so Rusty uses a wooden stump as a replacement – the wooden stump being the Indian sub-continent. His other leg is a sort of a dinosaur which he uses to catch small animals. This mutated leg helps you in remembering the countries of South East Asia.

Learn the Map of Asia

Well I hope you got an idea of how we will help you learn the map of Asia. Wherever we have felt that you might find it difficult to remember the location of the countries, we have used mnemonics. Like to help you remember the countries on the head of the inverted horse, we have used the mnemonic : Why men like his forehead – because his nose looks like a man. Y men helps you remember Yemen while a man helps you remember Oman.

To make things simpler, we have divided the map into three parts.


  • South East Asia, which is the mutated leg and the animals it is looking to catch.
  • The Rest of Asia, which is the monster Rusty itself.

Watch these videos and you will learn the map of Asia in no time.



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