Learn The Map of North America


While you can read this article to learn the map of North America we recommend that you watch our video to form better associations.

Once you are able to see hidden bird in the map, it becomes easy to learn the map of North America.

Learn the Map of North America

Learn the Map of North America


It is important to note that the entire bird doesn’t represent the political map of North America. The dark blue potion represents water bodies; the blue portion of the wing is the North Atlantic Ocean and the blue pattern below the wing is The Great Lakes.

Okay so now let’s label the bird to remember the various countries.



  • The bust and the lower wing design of the bird will give you Canada.
  • The upper wing design is Greenland.
  • The body is United States of America
  • The leg is Mexico.



The claw is Central America which can be remembered from this simple mnemonic.

Belly Guarding El Salvador Honestly Nicely but Costing Panama dollars.

Learn the Map of North America

  • Belly – Belize
  • Guarding – Guatemala
  • El Salvador – El Salvador
  • Honestly – Honduras
  • Nicely – Nicaragua
  • Costing – Costa Rica
  • Panama dollars – Panama

The group of islands below U.S.A represented as the tail of the bird can be remembered from another statement.

Learn the Map of North America


Bananas from Cuba, Jamaican hat and Dominican pure rice

  • Bananas – Bahamas
  • Cuba – Cuba
  • Jamaican – Jamaica
  • Hat – Haiti
  • Dominican – Dominican Republic
  • Pure rice – Puerto Rico

That is it! You have memorized the map of North America. It must have taken you less than fifteen minutes.

The map of South America is even simpler than this. Check out our video and article on that.


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