Synonyms : excess, surplus, glut, plethora

Surfeit Sentence : Although he loves action movies, he didn’t like Spiderman 3 as he thought that there was surfeit of action sequences in that movie.


Under The Lens    : Difference between Excess, Surplus, Glut, Plethora and Surfeit

Excess and surplus are general words which simply suggest an overabundance of something.

Surfeit suggests an excess of something that might be appealing but due to excessive amount it generates dislike. Ex – The author, through the character Private Quelch, portrays how surfeit of knowledge can work to your disadvantage.

While surfeit is too much of a good thing, plethora may be excess of a good or bad thing. Ex – There is a plethora of beauty products available for women.

Glut is similar to surfeit in regard to overabundance of something without necessarily suggesting any dislike due to its excessive quantity. Ex – There is a glut of information available on the internet.

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