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Plethora Meaning

  Synonyms : excess, surplus, glut, surfeit Plethora Sentence : I hate being flooded with a plethora of advices before anything important in my life. To learn the difference between synonyms of plethora please refer to surfeit. Under The Lens :...

Anomaly Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ anomaly sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic -abnormality   Word - anomaly   Meaning a) deviation from the normal order b) abnormality   Part of Speech - noun   Synonyms - aberration, oddity, irregularity, peculiarity   Antonyms - conformity, normality, regularity   Anomaly Sentences 1   The judge was dismissed after he ignored a glaring anomaly in...
Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, sentences and more

Discordant Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ discordant sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - dislocated cord makes aunt sound harsh or disagreeable to the ear   Word - Discordant   Meaning - disagreeable to the ear, harsh   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - cacophonous, disagreeing, jarring, unmelodious, inharmonious, dissonant   Antonyms - concordant,...

Exigent Meaning

Synonyms : pressing, urgent Exigent Sentence : The patient was losing blood so rapidly that it was exigent to stop the source of bleeding. Under The Lens : Difference between Pressing, Urgent, Exigent and Imperative Pressing is the mildest of...

Morose Meaning

Synonyms : dour, gloomy, glum, sullen, sulky Morose Sentence : He has been morose ever since his girlfriend left him. Under The Lens : In a Bad Mood, Sullen, Glum, Morose, Sulky, Dour and Gloomy Let's take you as an...

Convoluted Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ convoluted sentences

 Mnemonic Video  Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic Conman Convo  l(u)ooted the bank It was difficult to loot the bank because of the complex and complicated security system.   Word - convoluted   Meaning - complex or complicated   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - confused, perplexing, intricate   Antonyms - simple,...

Insipid Meaning

 Synonyms :banal, vapid Insipid Sentence : It is difficult to tolerate the insipid speech of certain politicians.   Under The Lens : Bored To Death, Difference between Insipid, Vapid and Banal Insipid and vapid are derived from Latin words that refer to...

Enervate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ enervate sentences

Tagline A super-villian eats planets and helps you gobble a word   Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Galactus ate energy of the universe to weaken it.   Word - Enervate   Meaning - to weaken, to reduce in vitality   Part of Speech - verb   Synonyms - enfeeble,...

Elegy Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ elegy sentences

Tagline A funeral where a word comes to life   Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic -a legy beauty is reading a mournful poem, lamenting the death of her husband.   Word - Elegy   Meaning - a mournful poem esp. one lamenting the...

Capricious Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ capricious sentences

  Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - Capricorn's various moods   Word - Capricious   Meaning a) given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior b) unpredictable   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - changeable, erratic, chameleonic, whimsical   Antonyms - constant, steady   Capricious Sentences 1   He...

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