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Mnemonic –Amelie orated make better


Word – Ameliorate


Meaning – make better


Part of Speech – verb


Synonym – improve, better, meliorate


Antonym – worsen, spoil, mar


Ameliorate Sentences

1   No medicine was able to ameliorate the condition of the patient.

2   The temple would donate thousands of blankets each winter in an attempt to ameliorate the condition of the poor.

3   Higher import duties will compound rather that ameliorate the problems of economic slowdown.

4   The soldier was dying of fatal wounds and he begged his officer to ameliorate his pain with a dose of morphine.

5   How can you hope to ameliorate your financial condition if you do not care to make any investments?


Ameliorated Sentence

1   Ameliorated by the surgery on his left eye, the old man could now see well.


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