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Mnemonic – pizza gulpable but deserving blame for making one fat


Word – Culpable


Meaning – deserving blame


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – guilty, liable, blameworthy


Antonyms – blameless, innocent, inculpable


Culpable Sentences

1   The industrial waste dumped in the rivers was culpable for the death of many people.

2   He was found culpable of war crimes during the Hitler regime and was sentenced to death.

3   He was charged with culpable homicide of his wife for her property and insurance.

4   The jury decided that he was culpable for the death of his wife.

5   The captain of the ship made a culpable delay in taking a decision which led to disaster.

6   He missed an important goal in the finals and was culpable in the eyes of millions of fans.


Under the Lens: Deserving Blame, Blameworthy & Culpable

Culpable and blameworthy are used to assign blame for a misdeed, failure etc.

Blameworthy is a more general word and its tone can be neutral. Blameworthy can even be used to express mild criticism.

Ex She is blameworthy for not taking proper care of her children.

Culpable stresses on assigning blame and hence punishment for the misdeed. It is a more formal word and is often used in Law.

Ex The court will determine who was culpable for the accident.


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