Mislaid Meaning


Mislaid Synonyms: lost, misplaced

Mislaid Sentence: He mislaid his watch and has been trying to find it for the past few hours.

Under The Lens: Difference between Mislay, Misplace and Lose

Mislay and misplace suggest to lose temporarily. Mislay suggests an absentminded act of putting something at the wrong place and then forgetting about it. The word is usually used for a small item. Ex – mislay keys.

Misplace has wider application. Unlike mislay, it can suggest an intentional action. Ex – She deliberately misplaced the cookies so that the kids didn’t finish them while she was away. It may also suggest bad planning rather than temporary loss. Ex – misplace a sofa.

Lose is the most common among these words and may suggest a permanent loss. She didn’t lose my ring, she has just misplaced it. More so lose has a much wider range than the other words we have discussed. Ex – losing his touch, losing his way etc.



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