Morose Meaning

Synonyms : dour, gloomy, glum, sullen, sulky

Morose Sentence : He has been morose ever since his girlfriend left him.

Under The Lens : In a Bad Mood, Sullen, Glum, Morose, Sulky, Dour and Gloomy

Let’s take you as an example to describe the various disagreeable moods.

You are sullen if you are ill-humored and refuse to be sociable and responsive.

You are glum if you are dull and silent due to depressing circumstances or low spirits.

You are morose if you are sullen as well as bitter and harsh.

You are sulky if you add childish displeasure and discontent to sullenness.

You are dour if you give a superficial appearance of seriousness and bitterness.

Lastly you are gloomy if you are so depressed that you show no signs of cheerfulness and optimism.

We hope you were not offended because we took you as an example for this exercise. We sincerely wish you are in the best of spirits; just like the letters we wrote during childhood.

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