Exigent Meaning

Synonyms : pressing, urgent

Exigent Sentence : The patient was losing blood so rapidly that it was exigent to stop the source of bleeding.

Under The Lens : Difference between Pressing, Urgent, Exigent and Imperative

Pressing is the mildest of these terms. It usually refers to a problem that has been there for a long time and needs to be looked at soon. Ex – The danger has become too pressing to delay action any further.

Urgent is more nearer to emergency. Ex – We need to call for an urgent meeting to handle this situation.

Exigent is the strongest of these terms and refers to something that requires immediate action just like the situation in the video. Ex – You need to leave exigently as my husband will be back any moment.

Imperative is slightly different from these words as it suggests that something has become unavoidable and thus it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Ex – The problem of the divide between the rich and the poor has become imperative.

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