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Mnemonic – chicken trickery


Word – chicanery


Meaning – trickery, deceit


Part of Speech – Noun


Synonyms – deception, cheating, dishonesty


Antonyms –  honesty, truthfulness


Chicanery Sentences

1   Companies use all kind of chicanery to sell their products.

2   The statistical chicanery in the accounts of the company was an attempt to fool the investors and shareholders.

3   We all are witness to the political chicanery that has adversely affected our lives from centuries.

4   The financial chicanery that feeds on corruption and power is rotting our systems.

5   Women can rarely spot the chicanery of some charming young men.

6   The deliberate production of substandard products to keep the buying cycle going is an industrial chicanery that is ruining this world.


Under The Lens: Difference between Trickery and Chicanery

Trickery and chicanery refer to misrepresentation to win the trust or approval of people. Trickery often suggests using deception for selfish gain.

Ex Politicians use trickery to get votes from the public.

Chicanery is milder than trickery. But it has a tone of disgust because it usually refers to cheap methods to deceive people.

Ex The salesman used chicanery to prove that his product was better than others.


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