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Aztec Stone Calendar

Antiquated Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ Antiquated sentences

  Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - antique calendar became outdated   Word - antiquated   Meaning a) outdated, obsolete b) old fashioned   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - ancient, antique, archaic   Antonyms - modern, new, recent   Antiquated Sentences 1   The government offices were using antiquated machines of the...
Buttress Meaning

Buttress Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ buttress sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Word - buttress   Meaning a)  an architectural structure built against or projecting from a wall which serves to support or reinforce the wall. b)  to give support or encouragement, to prop up (as a verb)   Part...
Abridge meaning

Abridge Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ Abridge sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic:- A bridge has managed to shorten the distance between Paris and the Mediterranean coast of France by 100 kms. A bridge has managed to reduce the travel time between Paris and the...
Torpor Meaning

Torpor Meaning | Torpor Mnemonic

  Synonyms: dormancy, stupor Torpor Sentence: After working hard on weekdays, on weekends he went into a state of pleasant torpor. Under The Lens: Temporary Hibernation. The state of reduced physiological activity in an animal is referred to...
Quiescent meaning

Quiescent Meaning | Quiescent Mnemonic

  Synonyms: inactive, motionless, dormant Quiescent Sentence: I love the quiescent surroundings of this village. Under The Lens: Quiescent Etymology Quiescent comes from the Latin root quies which means - rest, quiet. The most common word from the...

Dormant Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ dormant sentences

  Mnemonic Video   Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic - dorm ant is lying asleep   Word - Dormant   Meaning - lying asleep, inactive   Part of Speech - adjective   Synonyms - inert, passive, slumbering, sleeping, inactive, asleep, quiescent   Antonyms - active, lively   Dormant Sentences 1   The volcano had been dormant...
Laud meaning

Laud Meaning | Laud Mnemonic

  Synonyms: praise, acclaim, eulogize, extol Laud Sentence: Peter Jackson was lauded by the jury for making The Lord of The Rings.     Under The Lens: Words of Approval, Praise, Acclaim, Eulogize, Extol and Laud. Praise is an informal...

Assuage Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ assuage sentences

  Mnemonic Video     Mnemonic Dictionary   Mnemonic -  Big ass usage: To make milder the pain of sitting on a rough surface   Word - assuage   Meaning - To make milder   Part of Speech - verb   Synonyms – lessen, alleviate   Antonyms - make severe, upset, exacerbate   Assuage sentences ...


  Synonyms: excess, surplus, surfeit Superfluous Sentence: After confirming your email id, the need to confirm your phone number too seems superfluous to me.   Under The Lens: Superficial and Superfluous Don't confuse superfluous with superficial. Superficial means shallow...

Misanthrope Meaning

  Antonym: philanthropist Misanthrope Sentence: A misanthrope hates people and people usually hate a misanthrope.   Under The Lens: Misanthrope Etymology The Greek root anthropos means 'mankind'. You might have heard of anthropology which means the 'study of the...

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