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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Part IRoot Words Movie
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Part IIRoot Words Movie
About RakKnow about Rak and learn a few words
Four Words of FightingA fight sequence and four words
Beeline and AquilineA path-breaking video!
The Upper HandOf righties and lefties


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
EgregiousA two faced egg and a word
ElegyA funeral where a word comes to life.
EnervateA supervillian eats planets and helps you gobble a word.
EnigmaSolve a riddle and learn a word.
EvanescentSmell something nice, a word perhaps.
ExculpateAn X that will clear all doubts
ExigentAs the lover runs can you run off with a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
FacetiousMr Bean brings you a word
FebrileA woman is sick but will still help you with a word
FlagrantRun and grab this word.
FurlongA queen’s dress and a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
GarishLady Gaga will help you with a word now.
GarnerA nice hobby, a simple word.
GawkI will grab a hawk if it helps you.
GingerlyA common root roots for a word.
GloatA glowing bulb lights up a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
HalcyonCycle in the morning and learn a word.
HamperLets hammer this word into you.
HeartrendingYour heart cries out for learning this word
HeedlessEven headless beings can help your vocabulary
HermeticEven headless beings can help your vocabulary
HillockA word on a small hill.
HirsuteA lady who redefined fashion helps you bring a word in fashion.
HistrionicsWho better than Shakespeare to make you understand this word?
HolocaustWhat is this?? Learn the word holocaust with a 50,000 year old legend.
HomageAn interpretation of Learnodo’s Google Doodle and a word – Homage.
HoneA pencil, a sharpener… a word.
HumdrumAn animation, a word and a 7 minute film that won an Oscar Nomination.
HybridA bird and a hyena combine to form a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
InsipidTaste that drink to get the meaning.
InsuperableThe first superman animations and a word.
Iota$10 tax to learn this one.
IsthmusCross a narrow mass of land to reach this word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
KudosHe will kick that word into you.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
LambasteA cook, a master and a word.
LaudWatch a genius in action and learn a word.
LecternThrow some light on this one.
LevityAn old pair of jeans may help you learn this word.
LexiconLearn the word Lexicon, the Mexican way
LimnYou may remember a sour taste as you learn this one.
LitheBe flexible when you learn words.
LogDo not forget to keep a record of this word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
ManeThis man plans to cut out a word for you.
MettlesomeIt’s not the height, it’s the heart
MoroseHow will we cheer up Moe? He may help us with this word.
MisanthropeMeet Miss Ant. She may not like you.
MislaidA hen loses an egg but finds you a word.
MissiveA message of love with a word.
MulattoA word rarely used but very useful in the 21st century.
MyriadMy radio will help you learn a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
NascentA word and a scent in early stages of development.
NattyA beautiful Oscar winning actress helps you with a beautiful word.
NauseateA disgusting sight will be of help.
NecromancyMeet the witch who may talk to the dead. Also learn a word.
NeologismLet “The One” teach you this one
NettleOn boil a kettle and a word… Nettle
NostrumA new medicine may not help this man but it will surely help you.
NoxiousLearn a word before the lack of oxygen kills you.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
ObeisanceShow some respect and learn this word.
OnerousMoney talks and you learn a word.
OstracizeSome birds and a word.
OutlandishA recipe for a strange dish and a word that will be strange no more.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
PachydermA word patch for your brain
PalatableA bowl full of a word.
PalliateTake a pill and learn a word.
PallidAn off colored object and a word with it.
ParableRight out of the Holy Bible.
PaucityA city without Paul and a word for all.
PenuryA poor writing tool will give you something.
PhilistineA man with a tiny mind knows only a single word.
PiousWhats so special about the pies of america.
PlethoraKeep your room clean and build your vocabulary.
PlummetFruit thrown over 100 meters helps you learn a word.
ProbitySay no to corruption as you learn this word.
ProscribeA hooker cries and you learn a word
PurgeA woman empties her purse and you remember the word purge


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
QueasyA queen, some awful stuff and a word.
QuiescentDo not disturb the scent bottle as you learn your word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
RagamuffinA poor snack may fill more than your stomach.
RailA train speeds but the tracks are not pleased.
RankleDon’t just scratch that ankle, learn from it.
ReekAn embrassed rat and a word in your hat.
RefrainA childhood memory and a word for a lifetime.
RepineWhat does the reputed wine have to say?
RepleteA red plate stuffed with food for your thoughts.
RifeShoot down this word now.
RubbleSome rubble of rubber and lead.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
SatiateMeat on a stick may help you stick to a word.
SeetheSee a man boil and learn this word.
SerriedSee the two r’s are placed together.
ShardA word from some broken pieces.
SundryThe oldest way to preserve food and a new way to learn a word.
SuperfluousExtra water causes damage, but not to your vocabulary.
SurfeitA man addicted to the internet, adds a word in your net.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
TenuousA very thin bird and a word.
TimorousOne of the most fearful men to have walked this planet brings to you a word.
Torpor“The boy who lived” teaches you a word that will live.
TortuousFollow the difficult path, it is meaningful.
TractableAn obedient machine helps you with a word.
TruculenceAn unfortunate accident will fortunately help you learn a word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
UmbrageAn umbrella’s anger will not go in vain.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
VacuousAn empty vacuum may help you suck up a word.
VenerateWhere else will the Love Gods descend to help you learn a word.
VenturesomeA funny film helps you get adventurous with a word
VeraciousA truthful man teaches you a word of truth.
ViandSome noodles with vinegar served hot with a word.
VignetteThree small pictures and a word.
VolitionIt’s your democratic right to know this word.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
WhitGuess this deadly white powder and learn a word.
WrestNo one may rob you of this word if you watch this video


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
YoreA student bored and a word… yore.


Mnemonic Video Dictionary
ZealotA man wins a lottery, you may win a word.